Vehicle valued under $4000.00.
Vehicle must be in your property.
Lien sale process takes from 31 to 41 days to clear.
If vehicle is not claimed or contested then you can register, sell or dispose it with lien sale documents.
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Vehicle valued over $4000.
This applies to Storage Facilities regardless of vehicle value.
Vehicle must be in your property.
A notification will be sent to the interested parties and owners on the DMV file.
A request to conduct a lien from the DMV will be requested.
Process takes 90 to 120 days.
Once lien sale is approved by the DMV, a sale date is established and a legal ad is placed in a newspaper.
On date of sale, vehicle must be available one hour before the vehicle goes to the highest bidder.
Vehicle must be held for 10 days not including the sale date before realizing it to new registered owner.
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